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The Zeronauts: The Modern Argonauts

We recently met John Elkington, author of “The Zeronauts: Breaking the Sustainability Barrier”. Elkington’s book explores ways in which corporations, citizens, cities and countries can tackle the civilizational challenges at the intersection between demography, consumerist lifestyles, natural resource availability and climate change.

We were impressed by the clarity of the message and by how the debate can easily be shifted from whether global warming is manmade to how can a particular creative class, "the Zeronauts", drive us to a more sustainable and secure world. 

This book is meant to be a wake up call that encourages leaders to adopt the virtue of zero footprint as a management concept to help break the “sustainability barrier” by triggering a reimagining and a rethink that would lead the Zeronauts towards the discovery of leading processes and technologies.


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